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In educational system modification of technology has given path to vast advancements in terms of learning and assessments. Assessments have always been used as a medium to assign a benchmark for the learning and training outcome. Something as prevalent as assessments in our lives definitely deserve to be enhanced with the most convenient and accurate attributes of technology. Online exam portal has significantly upgraded the age old existence of manual assessment techniques, replacing it with automated functioning.

Think Exam online exam portal is developed with a combination of top level features and user friendly interface so that the user can have ultimate experience of using an online software while conducting exam. Application of Think exam is distributed on a wide scale covering various sectors ranging from schools, colleges to even organizations.

Its customizable platform gives the ease to the administrator to design any sort of assessment consisting of different types of parameters and variables to be assessed.

best online exam portal

How Think Exam online exam portal is applicable in different sectors for conducting exam?


Keeping a regular check at what the students are grasping is an integral part of teaching and learning process. With the help of Think exam, teachers can create formative assessments on a more regular basis without stressing out their schedule to meet the needs of manual efforts that goes into whole of the conducting assessment process.

This way instructors can monitor the progress of every student in real-time and accordingly impart their guidance and help to the students who are in need of it.


Students when come to the level of college require special attention as they are new to the courses and are learning new concepts almost every day. With so many students to assess on the college level, professors get a hard time in preparing assessments then marking them and collecting data to be published for students view.

All of this procedure gets highly simplified with the use of Think exam, online exam software that has got all the features on one platform giving ease to the professors and saving them from the manual efforts.

Institutes/Coaching centers:

Coaching centers and institutes are increasing in number day by day snatching the uniqueness of its concept. To make a coaching center stand out from its competitors it is imperative for it to turn into a digitalized medium of imparting knowledge.

With the use of Think Exam, coaching centers and institutes can even expand their reach by creating online assessments and assigning them to the students around the world. Online assessment platform comes devoid of any time and space barrier which makes it possible for the instructors to expand their business and earn profit out of it.


Corporate sectors are under continuous need of recognizing talent in the applicants as well as the already existing employees of the company. Growth of organizations largely depends on the improvement of workforce. “Think Exam is an efficient recruiting tool through which recruiters can create pre-employability assessments” and can get their hands on the skilled candidates at once rather than screening every individual and facing a loss of time and resources.

Internal assessments for recognizing training outcome given to employees or to decide upon increment and promotion part is also important and can be easily taken care of by preparing assessments through Think Exam platform.


Think Exam is a one stop shop for all your needs to conduct your very own online exam. The best part of this portal is that it is highly customizable with all the features that can be molded to suit the needs of the one creating exam. Because of this flexibility, creativity and perfectionism it is becoming a part of every educator’s assessment process as well as a proven choice of recruiters.

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