Clever ways students cheat on online exams and how to stop them

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The current situation of the world health crisis has demanded people to be fully digitalized in a very short period of time. There has been a rise in demand for Massive Open Online Classes(MOOC) in schools and colleges because of COVID-19 situation. Due to the rise in the online classes there has also been an increasing demand in online proctored exams.

Clever ways students cheat on online exams and wow to stop them

Online proctoring exams have a high level of integrity and advanced invigilating methods which does not allow students to cheat during examination. But what is an online Proctored Exam?

An online proctored exam is an assessment technique through which the examiner can invigilate the students, sitting in a remote location through an exam proctoring software. The live online proctoring restricts the students from conducting any unfair practices like using a different browser, using a mobile phone while giving online tests, copying from a book nearby, etc.

But as the demand for live Online Proctoring Tests has been increasing, the students have also found quite a few loopholes to cheat during such tests, which a university or school need to take care of before conducting an online proctored exam.

Here are quite a few cheating techniques that students try during online proctored tests.

1.  Impersonation

This is one of the highly adopted cheating methods by students where a student is making someone else take a test on his/her behalf. As the exam is remotely proctored there are high chances that a student might hire someone to write the live online proctoring test.

To prevent such a cheating technique, the university should use auto proctoring software. A highly advanced proctoring software enables a two-factor authentication before the test begins like facial recognition, voice recognition along with these types of recognition there is also an ID recognition. In ID recognition the picture on the student’s ID should match with the face of the student. These methods of auto proctoring tests prevent students from impersonating someone during the test and give the exam without cheating.

2.  Browsing the internet while giving tests.

Some students try to browse answers while giving the test and copy-paste the answer while attempting the online proctored exam. But students should know that to avoid this the schools and universities have advanced auto proctoring test software that tracks the browser details of the students during the test and later gets evaluated by the examiner. Sometimes the universities block the sites which are related to the exam and give notification to the assessee’s screen if the students browse blocked websites.

3.  Copy pasting from another site

Sometimes students try to copy from the pdf, screenshot, word documents, or other handy notes. But to prevent copying, the universities and schools need to have AI proctoring services, this services disable copy/paste feature and let students write exam word by word.

4.  Mobile Phones

Using Mobile phones to cheat is very common in online proctored tests. Students try to search the answer on the phone while giving the online test. But to prevent such incidents, there are auto proctoring services that detect any electronic devices during the online proctoring test used by the students and send the red flag notification to the teachers/examiner.

5.  Body movements

Some students try to look away from the screen and copy from other books that are nearby them. This is also a very common way that students try to cheat. But to prevent this the remote proctoring software has an activity detection feature, this feature tries to catch a lot of body movements and suspicious acts then notify the examiner. If the student is looking away from the computer screen for a long period of time then the proctoring software makes the examiner aware of the student’s actions.

6.  Screen mirroring

Some students download screen mirroring apps, these apps enable the impersonator to give exams through screen sharing.

This is one of the popular ways students nowadays are cheating for live online proctoring tests. But to prevent such types of unfair techniques the universities or schools need to establish a secure website. A secure website does not allow another website to work in the background, this prevents the students from cheating.

Cheating during the online proctored exam is quite impossible for the test takers as there have been a lot of updates in the proctoring software. Therefore think a thousand times before doing such a thing, which will make you regret for a lifetime.