How to start online live classes for your students with Think Exam?

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“Teach online and grow your educational business- Start your online live classes in less than 5 minutes with Think Exam!”

In times of Coronavirus crisis the whole world has resorted to a momentary shutdown that has brought various sectors and industries to a screeching halt. When the functioning of every industry is eminent in one way or the other, Think Exam is standing strongly with the teachers and corporate trainers across the globe.

Start your online live classes
Start your online live classes

When it comes to training employees and building winning teams or even to educate your students, Think Exam stands strong with you! We are dedicated to help you in connecting with your students and employees through an efficient live streaming platform which will assist you as a complete online teaching and learning solution.

What does Think Exam provides in its exclusively designed E-Learning package?

Branded Mobile App

Establishing a mobile app with your own brand name is an exciting opportunity to set up your online educational business. Almost every student out there has an access to an Android or iOS enabled mobile phone. Through your premium brand name app you can connect to all of these students at once.

  • 》  Think Exam will create a fully functioning app for you with your own brand name and logo.
  • 》  All your online content such as courses, chats and quizzes will be synced instantly.
  • 》  Think Exam will also put your app live on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, after which you will be notified.

Instant live classes

With just a click you can set up an online live training platform for live online classes. Provide splendid real-time learning experience to your students and employees by connecting with them through secure live streaming platform like never before.

  • 》  No need to download any bulky plug-in or extensions. Start online live classes with your very own app using a regular broadband connection.
  • 》  Give your learners the ease to learn on the go by using mobile phones and tablets.
  • 》  Easily administer the live sessions by scheduling, managing and monitoring your live classes with the help of integrated features.
  • 》  Record your live classes and share it with your students. You wouldn’t have to worry anymore about your students missing on any important lesson.

Create and sell engaging courses

Use a diverse content variety such as quizzes, videos, blogs, PDF, presentations and even YouTube videos to build engaging courses for your students. You can also create professional courses with fixed time frame and scoring system or you can create casual courses which will help students follow their own learning pace.

  • 》  You can create an online course using any content type.
  • 》  All your online course content will be encrypted and stored in a secure cloud platform.
  • 》  You can sell your courses to your own classroom students or even reach out to other students across the globe through email, mobile and message marketing.
  • 》  Take the opportunity to up sell your courses by clubbing them with mock tests.
  • 》  The payment transaction is highly secure with authentic payment gateways.

Any type of mock tests

Train your competitive and entrance exam aspirants with mock tests that are of exact test pattern. With Think Exam you can create mock tests for GATE, Banking, IIT JEE, CAT, GMAT, SSC and many more.

  • 》  Customizable templates to create all types of mock tests in just few minutes.
  • 》  Schedule mock tests to be answered later by the students.
  • 》  Provide detailed mock test performance report and provide explanation to answers through videos and images.

Certificates and awards

Promote goal based learning amongst your students by awarding them professional certificates. Also, you can create a reward and point based system for your courses and mock tests that will motivate your learners to achieve new goals in a time frame assigned by you.

  • 》  In-built certification templates that can be customized to suit your requirement.
  • 》  You can add your own brand name and logo in it.
  • 》  Approve it with your own authentic digital signature.


think examWell this is not the end but just the beginning of benefits that you can experience with the Think Exam E-Learning platform.


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