Online Assessment Software, Think Exam 4.0 introduces “Subjective” and “Image type” question choice

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Think Exam is a renowned online assessment as well as online quiz maker platform by Ginger Webs, the pioneers of innovating best online/offline assessment solutions. It has got its presence in many different sectors such as corporates, government and educational industries, simplifying their assessment process with its multifaceted tech-based solutions.

Think Exam is regularly updated to benefit its users and its very latest update is related to “question types”.

think exam feature

Earlier Think Exam gave the option to add 7 types of questions while creating test, assessment or quiz but now 2 more question types have been introduced.

  • Subjective type– Now objective type questions are not the only option. Create subjective type tests and get in-depth analysis to your candidate’s knowledge.
  • Image type– Create questions for image based answers in which candidate can upload image, diagrams and graphs in form of multiple types of files.

With the add-on of these two more question types the feasibility of Think Exam as online assessment software has become more diverse making it suitable for creating any sort of test and assessment.

Think Exam is a worldwide trusted online assessment solution having a strong clientele base of 2000+ users ranging from schools, colleges, institutes to even corporates and Government/PSUs. It has revolutionized the online assessment process with its remarkable features meant to provide ease, efficiency and possibility to create as well as assign multiple types of assessments.

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