What is online examination (online tests)?

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What is online examination?

In today’s time when technology is governing the world then how can we think that something as important as exams can be left untouched by the grace of it. Hence, online exam is a great medium to test the intelligence of a group of people participating from around the world, in regards to a given topic. Online examination system has made it possible for the students to give an exam according to their convenience and availability of time. No distance needs to be covered and no time to be wasted, simply open your device and there you go.

online examination system
Think Exam – online examination system

How to setup an online examination system?

Online examination software is developed with a motto of keeping the online examination system as simplified as possible. Hassle free and backed with diversified functionality, think exam is a one stop shop for all your examination requirements, all you need to do is to create an online account with think exam. This will open your world to unlimited features of an online examination system that gives you free will to design your online exam according to your choice and requirements.

How to conduct online exam?

To conduct online exam few steps need to be followed, after creating an account with think exam. First of all the concerned person taking the test should design the question bank according to the requirement of the test for that purpose think exam has got 7 different variety of question types, be it multiple choice or match following, name it and think exam has got it.

The next step is to share the exam link with your students, through which they can easily sign up to their own account and give the exam.

Benefits of online examination system

Online examination system definitely comes with a lot many benefits like saving papers (saving trees), cutting of costs on both the ends (exam takers and students), saving time, which can be utilized by the students in better preparation for the exam.

Industries that use online examination system

With a target to cover huge amount of different industries like corporate, government, colleges, institutes and also international level industries, think exam has been dutifully designed accordingly.

Typical features of an online examination system

The most basic feature of online examination system is that it should be able to create an exam. But when it comes to think exam, the software is compiled of 8 high tech features.

Question Bank: The question bank feature consists of 7 different variety of question types: multiple choice, multiple response, true false, match following, fill in the blanks, match matrix and essay. This gives you a freedom to make your question paper any way you want by using images or complex mathematical equations.

Candidate management: This feature enables the test maker to assign his students to particular groups and then give the test according to their groups.

Test creation: User friendly multiple test settings so that the test maker can be at ease while designing the test.

Monetize: With this feature you can put your test papers for selling and earn out of it.

Test taker panel: With the quality of giving real time feel to the test taker, this feature has got a lot of diversified functions like notifying about the active, missed or upcoming tests, scorecards and pictorial statistics.

Reporting system: The most integral part of taking a test is the scores achieved by the students and reporting system takes care of it by giving an in-depth outlook to the marks achieved and the performance of the candidates.

Security: Providing secure gateways for payment transaction, this feature knows how to achieve reliability of the clients.

Mobile app: No need to open your laptop and restrict your movement. Mobile app feature support platforms like Android and iOS which can give you access to your think exam account on the go.

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