What is Think Exam?

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Think Exam is an Online Examination System, featured by Ginger Webs Pvt. Ltd. This system is designed to offer a systematic management of examination and assessments. The goal is to provide an online examination platform incorporating the advance testing tools that ensure a glitch-free transactional interface.

online exam software - thinkexam

It assures the development of an enhanced communication link in-between the assessor and the assessee. The user can easily create tests, amend improved settings, add and associate test to the candidates and more. This system facilitates easy score calculation with instinctive detailed analysis of variance reports ranging from the test, question, candidate, status and sales reports.

The test taker panel is specially designed for candidates preparing for recruitment, competitive, entrance examination. It offers the impressive color combinations and precise icon placement that provides the real-time examination environment.

The admin can club number of tests to create a product that can easily be assigned to the candidate or group of candidates. An admin can sell the created products and earn to raise the revenue quotient.

The system is easy to use and learn with an intuitive interface that requires minimal human intervention. This self-operational system is also available for both the android and iOS platforms, making an easy access on your smart devices.

The information flow is highly synchronized offering special information pointers for each of the subsequent sets of options.The system founds huge application in vivid sectors ranging from education, corporate, recruitment, etc.

Easy subscription of 5 varied types, namely the trial, starter, standard, professional and business. The subscription is not restricted by the firewall security and is independent of test device that too assuring multi-browser compatibility.

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